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From the brilliant minds behind Charlie's Chalk Dust comes exciting flavors in the form of Pachamama!

Fantastic tropical flavors are their specialty, so try some today!




  • Blood Orange Banana Gooseberry

This mixture gives you the deep rich taste of blood oranges mixed with sweet bananas and tart gooseberries!

On the inhale, the blood orange will take your mouth over, while the exhale of bananas and a touch of sour gooseberries finishes the trio to this unique vape with a sweet and sour note.

  • Passion Fruit, Raspberry & Yuzu

Take your taste buds on a wild ride with a little sour tingle!

Passion Fruit is the first thing you taste on the inhale. It's slightly sweet and slightly sour tendencies will trick you.

Then, on the exhale, delectably ripe, plump raspberries are mixed with Japanese Yuzu to bring the user a tart and sour extreme experience.

  • Huckleberry, Pear & Acai

Try this unique blend of crisp delicious pears and the sweet, (yet tart), acai berry to create a vape flavor that will tickle your taste buds and leave you coming back for more.

Leave other berry blends of E-Juice behind; this flavor can't be compared!

  • Fuji Apple, Strawberry & Nectarine

Check out the sweet and tart Fuji Apple that blends smoothly into the strawberry and nectarine flavors.

Once again, Pachamama delivers a fruit blend of crisp Fuji Apple, aromatic strawberries, and the unique sweet flavor profile of nectarine that creates a harmonious combination that you won't want to miss!

  • Mint, Honeydew, Berry & Kiwi

This refreshing fruity experience delivers an exhilarating mint leaf base balanced with the sweetness and flavors of honeydew melons, berries, and kiwis for a tropical blend unlike any other!

By combining the summer's best fruits: honeydew melon, kiwis and luscious berries with a cool dose of refreshing mint leaf to it, things begin to kick up a notch with this E-Juice.

This insanely zesty flavor is just the thing to switch up your flavor game! 

  • Strawberry, Guava & Jackfruit

The perfect fruity trifecta experience is finally here!

By intermixing sweet strawberry with sensational guava and tropical jackfruit, this flavor profile is a necessity for any vape enthusiast.

  • Peach, Papaya & Coconut Cream

Pachamama presents a fruity trifecta experience by blending a silky coconut cream base with fresh fuzzy peaches and freshly-ripe papaya for a delectable vape.

This flavor is a homely blend of light peaches & cream thrown into a mix of tropical coconuts and pineapples.

The inhale starts with a subtle taste of peaches beneath the tang of the papaya delivery, while the exhale of coconut cream washes over the tanginess of the fruit with the help of a smooth, peaches & cream finish.

  • Mango, Pitaya & Pineapple

Vaping this E-Juice is like being in the tropics and being able to smell and pick the fresh mango, pineapple, and exotic pitaya right from the trees! This exquisite blend of tropical fruits will leave you wanting more summer sun.

...Did you expect anything else from Pachamama?




Available in 0MG, 3MG, 6MG

VG/PG Ratio: 70:30

Size: 60ML