Lost Vape

In 2014, a design and manufacturing enthusiast discovered the fascinating world of vaping, it was then that Lost Vape was born, out of a dream to push boundaries and to take vaping to the next level.

With a true passion for craftsmanship and engineering, every product from Tan to the Orion fuse together a set of unique visuals with technical characteristics for an exclusive product line.

Lost Vape believes that every product they design is a unique embodiment of their identity and values to be shared with the community.


Their goal is to deliver an unprecedented user experience to every customer and to let their value shine through their products.


Driven by our passion, they have evolved from trend-followers to trend-setters.


The only thing that remains unchanged is Lost Vapes' devotion to their ideals, and to continue writing history alongside those who support the Lost Vape family.